1. makeupandmotherhood:


    I am important too.
    God damnit.
    I’m more than a mother.
    I’m a human.
    With needs and wants and emotions.
    I am a mother, and that is important.

    I need to remember this.

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  2. I hate seeing other mums with babies younger than Alfie but bigger, it makes me feel like people are thinking I’m starving my son. I get so paranoid. He is really little for his age, most people think he’s around 6 months old. I just really hate it gah. Also another thing i get way too paranoid of is whether hes meeting his milestones and if hes behind on something i automatocally think i’m not doing a good job as a mother. For those of you that don’t know, my son was 3lbs 4oz born because of an infection in my placenta.. he was practically but not completely starved from 31 weeks pregnant, I gave birth the day I turned full term. My midwife said to me at 33 weeks that delivery would be a breeze for me as I have a small baby but she didnt seem worried. I just cant stop thinking about all this lately. Bleh.

  3. The Golden Age of Children’s TV, the 90’s.

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  4. I wanna curl into a ball, go to sleep and not wake up.


  5. Dont act like its a bad thing to fall in loveeeeee

  6. Dont know why it says this was a year ago but omg this picture :( meh, I love that guy unconditionally.


  7. Wake me from this nightmare.


  8. Had the best news ever, watch this space guys.


  9. I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up to your stupid face :( this is getting so much harder.


  10. To be told that the person you’re head over heels in love with doesn’t love you anymore is the most painful thing ive ever had to handle. You mean everything to me, more than everything even. I cant even begin to explain. I need you.